Welcome to the Toronto Psychedelic Society!

The Toronto Psychedelic Society (TPS) is a diverse, multidisciplinary community of academics, students, researchers, artists, therapists, teachers, counselors and others with a shared interest in psychedelics.

We seek to provide more opportunity for our members to learn more about the multifaceted aspects of psychedelics.

We are a community that contributes our passion, ideas and courage to help others heal, to support psychedelic science, to educate and inform, and to have the freedom to explore our own consciousness.

Established in January of 2017, The Toronto Psychedelic society has been instrumental in bringing psychedelic people together in the Greater Toronto Area, through monthly meetings, online and in person, as well as regular integration circles, and special events, including movie screenings, and educational workshops.

Check out our Psychedelic FAQ.

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