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Microdosing entails the methodical use of sub-threshold doses of psychedelics, following a specific protocol that includes designated days for dosage and alternating 'rest' days. This approach aims to enhance creativity, elevate physical energy levels, foster emotional balance, optimize problem-solving abilities, and address conditions such as anxiety, depression, and addiction. The practice has gained increasing popularity in the 21st century, with a growing number of individuals attesting to enduring benefits derived from the structured regimen.


Most success has been reported when using classic psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline, as well as research chemicals that are very similar to these, such as 1P-LSD, 1A-LSD, and 4-Aco-DMT. Some have reported experiences microdosing Ayahuasca vine, amanita muscaria, as well as cannabis.


The definition of a micro-dose or a sub-threshold dose, is a dose which is low enough that you do not perceive any psychoactive effects. Typically this is less than one tenth of a standard “low” dose.

Substance (dry) Dosage range Recommended
LSD 5ug - 25ug 12.5ug
Psilocybin 0.5mg - 2.5mg 0.7mg
Mushrooms 50mg - 250mg 70mg
Mescaline 10mg - 20mg 10mg
San Pedro Cactus 1g - 2g 1g


All the various protocols have “dose” days, where the microdose is taken, “transition” days (the day immediately following a dose day), and most have “rest” days (the day(s) following a transition day).

Typically the dosing cycle is repeated for a number of weeks (between four to eight weeks), and then there is to be a “reset” period (between two to four weeks) where no dosing occurs.

Protocol Day\_1 Day\_2 Day\_3 Day\_4 Day\_5 Day\_6 Day\_7 DPW*
Fadiman Dose Transition Rest (Repeat) 2 1/3
MDI Dose Transition (Repeat) 3.5
2DAW Dose Transition Rest Dose Transition Rest Rest 2
Stamets Dose Dose Dose Dose Transition Rest Rest 4
M-W-F Dose Transition Dose Transition Dose Transition Rest 3

* (Doses per week)

The Fadiman (or “Beginners”) protocol is a three-day protocol developed by Dr. James Fadiman, sometimes referred to as the “Father of Microdosing”. He has been doing research on microdosing since 2010, and has been researching the benefits of psychedelics since the 1960s.

The Microdosing Institute protocol (MDI) is a two-day protocol which was designed to avoid rest days. It was found that some people, especially those who were microdosing for medical purposes, found the rest days quite challenging, and had more success with a simple on-day, off-day schedule.

Some people have difficulty when dosing does not line up with a weekly schedule, and the last three protocols in the above table line up with a seven day week. The “Two-days-a-week” protocol (2DAW) is also a Microdosing Institute protocol, which adds one rest day to make it align to a seven day week.

The Stamets protocol, also known as the “Stamet's Stack” is a seven-day protocol that was developed by the mycologist Paul Stamets, and generally includes the use of both niacin (Vitamin B3), as well as Lion's Mane mushrooms to provide a “stack” on the dose day. It also has the most active “doses” within a seven day period, for a total of four.

The Stamet's Stack generally calls for a higher dose of psilocybe mushrooms (typically between 100-200mg of dried plant material), stacked with 500-1000mg of Lion's Mane mushroom extract powder, as well as 25-50mg of niacin – specifically the “flushing” variety.

Lastly, the M-W-F protocol (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) is a seven-day protocol that is simply named after the days of the week the dose is taken.